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OpenWireless project aims to provide fundamental framework for Open Wireless System Cloud (OWSC). The system will be based on the general purpose processors and clusters. The key modules of wireless communication system, such as timing and frequency synchronization, channel estimation, MIMO detection, modulation/demodulation, and channel coding/decoding will be also provided.

What is Openwireless?

The future wireless communication systems will be probably based on the general IT platforms as illustrated in the following diagram.

Future system diagram for access network and core network. It is cloud based.


Openwireless is open source software. 


1. Where can I get the latest codes and docs?


2. Where can I get help?

If you have some new open idea, please post a thread on the open discussion section.
You can also post your questions to the openwireless mailing list

If you are a user of the codes? You can post your questions on

3. Is there any Maillist for openwireless-development

If you have any questions about avs reference software and specification,
you can send mail to the mail-list.

If you want to subscribe to this mail list .
General information about the mailing list is at:

If you want to be a developer of opensource project .
You can create an account on sourceforge.net and join the project


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